Duane Liptak Jr.

for NRA Board of Directors 2018


Why I want to be on the NRA BOD

I am asking for your vote for the NRA BOD because I want to be a voice for you, to protect ALL of our rights, and beyond that, to push harder for taking back more of the firearms freedoms that we have lost over the last 80 years.

I have long been involved with the fight for gun rights, including fighting hardware and magazine capacity bans, with lobbying at the state and federal levels, recall elections, legal actions, PR, with the Magpul move out of Colorado, and with my service on NRA committees.

On the committees, I can advise and recommend only. A board seat will allow me to be a voice and a vote in the boardroom to more effectively guide the policies and positions of the NRA to assertively champion an inclusive view of firearms, activities, and freedoms, from flintlocks all the way to NFA items.

- Duane Liptak Jr.